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Street art or urban art full swing today. This is the new way that young people have found to express themselves without violence. site tells you all about this new revolution.

Our mission?

Our mission is to inform you about everything related to urban art. In other words, the answers to the questions:

Who are the artists of urban art ?

verticalWhat is graffiti street? What is urban art? How to Learn street art? Why do we talk about urban art? Where can we find works? What is the principle of urban art?

In short, all questions which would all have to have an answer. Answers they give you assured on the site.

What this site ?

Being focused on urban art , the site then focuses on:

  • Works: completion date, venue, sources of inspiration, meaning, ...
  • The artists: beginnings, techniques, visions of things, works, biographies, messages, Meme irl...

The site does its best to get the maximum information about the artists and their works but also invite those who know to introduce them. We do need to emphasize that urban art is a very broad field that has many artists unfortunately , many of them remain in the shadows for fear of judgment or sometimes by choice to remain anonymous.

Why was the site?

Because urban art that does not include graffiti unimportant because behind every design hides a message. In addition, urban art today is the only weapon that the population has to take ownership of their new territory. The site then gives the opportunity to fight for this art too long denigrated.