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It is no surprise, that most online casinos are heavily geared towards slot machines, since this genre is equally popular in land-based casinos and over the Internet.

Scandinavian players are well-known for their inclination for video slots, so Betfred casino was quick to meet them halfway.

There are hundreds of games available and they can be played on virtual currency or real money, while also being available on any mobile device.

The propensity for video slots is not surprising, but at the same time the online casino is trying to meet the expectations of table games and video poker fans. The latter are going to celebrate the introduction of a new game that is inspired by the classic version, while having the rules slightly changed.

Joker Wild Video Poker is actually a hybrid between some of the most basic types of video poker, combining the excitement of wild symbols with the well-known game mechanics.

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Players can wager in different coin denominations and bet a tiny amount of $.10 or as much as five dollars per coin. While it is entirely up to them to decide how much money they are comfortable wagering, is worth mentioning the fact that you need to bet the maximum amount to qualify for the jackpot.

It is triggered by a natural Royal flush and it will result in a payout of 800 times the bet, or the equivalent of 4000 coins, depending on how much you wager.

Betfred casino goes to great lengths to make sure that its members are not left all by themselves and will receive all the assistance they are required to succeed. You obviously need a lot of luck to emerge victorious, but at the same time in helps a lot to know the ideal strategy.

The tutorials are available to all those who sign up for real money account, even if they don’t deposit yet.

This should provide players with sufficient information, so by the time they spin the reels they know what they’re doing. Compared to other video poker games, Joker Wild is a classic single hand version that is played with only 52 cards, so you don’t have to worry about multiple decks. The basic poker rules that apply to all video poker types are in effect here, so if you are familiar with them you’ll feel right at home.