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If you enjoy Formula One races and monitor the progress of the best pilots throughout the season, then you are probably fascinated by the Monaco Grand Prix. This is a unique event that takes place once per year and it poses original challenges to participants, making each mistake particularly costly. Watching the event live can be very expensive, not to mention that tickets are hard to find but if you have an account with Paddy Power these are not things to worry about.

paddypowerThe bookmaker also has a lucrative online casino section and it is this area where players can secure a spot in the stands with a minimal investment. What they need to do is to participate in the Monaco GP Leaderboard campaign, which rewards those who accumulate most loyalty points. The promotion has started two days ago, so a couple of players are already diligently working towards improving their position in this list.

The good news is that there are three more weeks for players who want to close the gap separating them from the early birds and nothing is decided yet. Players are supposed to opt in for this campaign before playing online casino games, because only by doing so they will earn the necessary points to win the competition. The one who finishes at the top of the list will travel to Monte Carlo with all-expenses-paid and the best part is that the winner will also get to choose whom he or she travels with.

value monaco weekThose who come painfully close of winning the first prize but have to settle for a place among the top six, will still enjoy a generous financial compensation. Even those who finish outside this select group will not go home empty-handed, because the first 29 places will collect prizes. There will be plenty of chances to accumulate additional leaderboard points throughout this promotion, so by logging in every day, players will capitalize on these opportunities.

Once they have opted in for this campaign, they will enter the race for the Monaco Grand Prix vacation and also a prize pool of €10,000. The one who finishes in the second place will collect €6000, followed by the first player with €3000 while the next one will receive €1000. All the games available in the online offer qualify for this promotion, but they generate a different number of points based on the stakes.

For instance, blackjack, table games and video poker generate one point per one currency unit, while roulette produces twice as many. Leisure and slot machines will enable players to earn five points for each euro ventured, so those who prefer this genre will have a better chance at winning the race.

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